FC Sense FC Sense

iOT application using sensors to transform in-store shopping experiences via connected displays

Automated/intelligent POS display solution enabling targeted, interactive and consistent shopping experiences Read Less...

Target & AttractInteract & EngageMeasure & Analyse
Is your display equipped with a
targeted mechanism to attract
shoppers from a distance?
Does your display provide an
engaging content mechanism
based on shopper interactions?
Does the display provide analytics
to measure
the effectiveness of
the display?
Learn more on how our distance
triggered sensors can help you
efficiently attract targeted
customers to your display.
Learn more on how our sensors can
help you to deliver a consistent and
engaging customer experience
based on shopper behaviour.
Learn more on how our sensors
can help you with series of deep
analytics to determine the
efficiency of your display.
FC Digi FC Digi

Multifaceted O2O mobile platform seamlessly connecting the offline & online shopping experiences

FC Play FC Play

Delivering impactful brand messaging via

  • Animated gaming
  • AR experiences
  • Redemptions
FC Insights FC Insights

One of the most innovative data collection platforms to analyse and optimise in-store experiences

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