Be your best you with Philips Male

Manifesting a distinctive, masculine environment at Philips Male Grooming
retail touch points.

Fuchsia Creative designed, built and maintain effective visual merchandising for Philips Male Grooming

Retail vision rollout 2016: Design, build and maintenance rollout
for image corners at major retailers; Harvey Norman/Courts

Fuchsia Creative used gondola displays in developing retail displays for Philips Male Grooming products

Courts Mega store, Gondola display: Actual implementation of Philips
Male Grooming 2016 Retail vision.

Fuchsia Creative designed the travel retail display unit for Philips Male Grooming products at Changi Airport

Retail vision rollout 2016: Travel retail mobile display unit;
Changi airport Singapore.

Fuchsia Creative developed a free standing pop up unit for Philips Male Grooming products

Toolbox hero branded footprint: Integration of Philips distinctive toolbox concept
into a free standing unit, ideal for pop up use.

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